Tulsa Street Improvements Plan Map Now Available at Tulsa Area QuikTrip Stores

A comprehensive map detailing projects in the five-year, $451.6 million Tulsa street improvements plan to be voted on Nov. 4 is now available at all Tulsa area QuikTrip stores.

One side of the map provides descriptions of the street and bridge projects to be completed in each of Tulsa's nine council districts, along with the cost for each project. The flip side shows a color-coded city map of Tulsa and the location of each street project in the plan.

In addition, the map also highlights Tulsa streets currently scheduled for repair that are already funded by the 2005 bond issue/2006 sales tax.

The proposed five-year streets plan will provide maintenance and rehabilitation for Tulsa's streets and bridges and some work on sidewalks, trails and railroad crossings. The plan is based on citizen input from town hall meetings this summer.

"In town hall meetings all across the city, Tulsans stepped forward with clear input on the plan," said Mayor Kathy Taylor. "They wanted the plan to be dedicated to streets only and not other projects. They wanted the politics taken out of it and built-in accountability. We listened. That's how this plan came together."

If the five-year streets plan is approved, some street projects will begin construction in summer of 2009. The plan is comprised of Propositions 1 and 2; both must pass to fully implement the projects.

"The map will allow Tulsa residents to see exactly which streets are targeted for work," added Taylor. "Our goal is to ensure the map is not only educational but also provides a level of accountability to the citizens."

Project funding will be distributed across the nine council districts according to need or pavement condition. Each district will receive at least 8.2 percent of the total, with project funding directed to city streets that need it most.

"This Five-Year Plan is a major step in addressing the declining condition of Tulsa's streets, which have not been adequately funded for the past two decades," said City Councilor G.T. Bynum. "We strongly encourage all Tulsa voters to show their support Nov. 4 for fixing an issue that affects all of us."

The street improvements project map also can be viewed in interactive form at www.fixourstreetslive.com.