Welcome to the Fix Our Streets Live website - your information source for City of Tulsa street projects throughout Tulsa. On this website, the City of Tulsa provides details on street capital improvement projects approved by Tulsans who voted to extend Tulsa's 3rd penny sales tax and general obligation bonds since 2005.

Most Fix Our Streets projects already are completed, and 23 are currently under construction. Seven of the projects are on arterial (main) streets, and 16 of the projects are on nonarterial (neighborhood) streets. Design of upcoming projects is well under way. As of August 2014, design has been completed for 95 percent of Fix Our Streets projects, and design is beginning for Improve Our Tulsa projects.

For more than two years through surveys and town halls, Tulsans said fixing the city streets is a priority. In November 2008, Tulsans voted to make a sizable investment in the community to provide $451.6 million in funding through the third penny sales tax and a general obligation bond issue. The two funding packages combined represent the largest investment in infrastructure in Tulsa's history.

Because money for street projects approved in 2008 comes from two different sources - the third penny sales tax and general obligation bonds - voters approved two separate propositions. Full Story

See the 2008 five-year projects and previously approved projects currently in progress.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is working on several highways in Tulsa, including the I-244 bridge over the Arkansas River and Interstate 44 between Yale and Riverside Drive.

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